Mimics® Innovation Awards

Like  you, Materialise strives to make the world better and healthier. We are proud that you use our Mimics Innovation Suite to achieve this goal. That’s why we want to reward you for your innovative efforts!

In 2005, Materialise decided to establish the Mimics Innovation Awards. This prestigious competition rewards the most innovative research that’s being conducted with the help of the Mimics Innovation Suite.


Materialise’s founder and CEO, Wilfried Vancraen believes that:

many interesting research projects never progress beyond the planning stage due to lack of funding. At Materialise, we want to support researchers and their important work towards a healthier world.


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Testimonial from a previous winner


I was very excited about winning a Mimics Innovation Award. The award allowed me to attend additional professional meetings and purchase materials for my experiments. I even had the opportunity to present my research at a high level Materialise event.

Ellen Roche is an MD/PhD student at Harvard University working on Cardiac repair and exploring myocardial mechanics to guide design of strategies for cardiac repair. She has previous experience as a Research and Development Engineer in the medical device industry.

Information and rules for participating:

  • Submissions from all disciplines are encouraged.
    Typical research areas include but are not limited to: medicine, biomedical engineering, cardiovascular, veterinary medicine, archaeology, pulmonology, biology, palaeontology, material sciences, orthopedics, CMF, biomechanics, and forensics.
  • All applicants must have used Mimics and/or 3-matic for their research.

  • Your submission will fall under one of 3 regions based on your address provided. You will also need to select the category (Article or Poster):

and Africa
North and
South America

Global Award

Articles1st prize
2st prize

Articles: Submit your research article (published or unpublished) or thesis to win first or second prize for your region. There are three regional first prizes of 3500€ and three second prizes of 1500€. From the first place winners we will choose a global award winner who will be awarded a total of 5,000€!

Posters: Submit a poster of your research to win 1,000€. There are no regional distinctions for this category.

  • An independent, international jury of experts in advanced 3D medical image processing will thoroughly evaluate each case based on quality, originality of work, social impact and the role of the Mimics Innovation Suite.