3-matic puts the “Engineering” in Engineering on Anatomy™

3-matic is truly unique software because it is able to combine CAD tools with pre-processing (meshing) capabilities. To do this, it works on triangulated (STL) files and as such, it is extremely suitable for organic/freeform 3D data such as the anatomical data resulting from the segmentation of medical images (from Mimics). Because of this, we like to call it Anatomical CAD.

Import your anatomical data in 3-matic to experience real Engineering on Anatomy. With 3-matic you can conduct thorough 3D measurement and analyses, design an implant or surgical guide, or prepare a mesh for finite element modeling.

Since 3-matic makes it possible to import CAD data as well as doing reverse engineering of anatomical data to CAD data, it is a perfect complement to your CAD package.

Use 3-matic to:

  • Perform 3D measurements and engineering analyses
  • Design patient-specific implants or surgical guides
  • Prepare anatomical data and/or implants for Finite Element simulations

Main Features:

  • Copy/paste anatomical data from Mimics
  • Import any CAD file
  • Reverse engineering to IGES
  • Export to all major FEA/CFD packages in the right format