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New Release Out: Mimics Innovation Suite 18.0

Materialise is proud to announce the new release of the Mimics Innovation Suite for Engineering on Anatomy! This release celebrates Materialise's 25th anniversary! We're looking forward to engineering the future with you.

For the development of Mimics 18.0 and 3-matic 10.0 we focused heavily on  user-friendliness to further improve your workflows. We’ve also included new tools to significantly speed up the segmentation process and expand your visualization capabilities.

Increasing Confidence for Tessier Facial Cleft Repair with a 3D-Printed Model

Dr. John Meara, M.D., D.M.D, at Boston Children’s Hospital, already helped five patients with Tessier facial clefts, a rare congenital, craniofacial anomaly. Recently, he was able to help a patient with a large fissure in her facial bone, which pushed her eyes far apart. To get a better understanding of her complex bone structure, the team uploaded her CT data into the Mimics Innovation Suite to make 3D virtual models of her skull that they could then print out.

Can 3D-Printed Models Enhance Patient Communication?

A research team from the Institute of Cardiovascular Science, University College London and the Cardiorespiratory Division of the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London performed a study on the feasibility of using 3D-printed models in clinical practice.

They assessed if patient-specific models of congenital heart disease (CHD) have an impact on the communication between parents of children with CHD and cardiologists during consultations. The team conducted a survey during follow-up visits by using questionnaires which were filled out by both the parents and the cardiologists.

3D-Printed Hip Puts Teenager Back on her Feet

A Swedish teenage girl was facing a lifetime in a wheelchair because of a congenital disease that left her with a severely deformed left hip joint. Her painful condition forced her to be home schooled. With the 3D-printed Mobelife aMace® implant and virtual planning in Materialise’s Mimics and 3-matic software, she is now pain-free, walking without crutches and going back to school like a normal teenager.

Engineering on Anatomy

At Materialise, with our Mimics Innovation Suite, we're powering new innovations in biomedical research and helping others make discoveries that save lives. We're also taking patient-specific healthcare to new heights by working closely with experts in the planning and execution of complicated surgical procedures. Our solutions are comprehensive and flexible, and we invite you to explore our site and discover how they can work for you.

The Factory for 3D Printing

Visualisation and segmentation of a heart
Webinar: Transforming Medical Research with 3D Printing

3D printing is transforming the course of medical research for complex surgical planning. Phoenix Children’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and Arizona State University created over 200 patient-specific heart models over the last two years using the Mimics Innovation Suite. View the webinar recording of this leading multi-center team and learn which methods and optimized workflow they used!

ADaM webinar 2015
Webinar: Reducing Risks and R&D Costs in Orthopaedics

Materialise’s Anatomical Data Mining Services allow you to easily process medical image data to better understand and quantify anatomical shape variation when designing implants for a specific population. Learn from guest speakers from Smith and Nephew how they have developed and validated a new knee product with the combined input of a CT medical database and the new evidence-based Sawbones workshop models.

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