EU-Approved Cranial Implant
Materialise World Conference
3D Printing in Hospitals
Sawbones Partnership
Slovak Man’s Face Restored with EU-Approved 3D-Printed Cranial Implant
30-year-old Slovakian Juraj Stopka was severely injured after a four meter fall which seriously damaged his skull. CEIT Biomedical Engineering obtained EU-approval for its cranial implant printing process and used the Mimics Innovation Suite to design a perfectly fitting implant directly on the patient’s anatomy.
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Customized Solutions for Personalized Healthcare

By combining the power of the Mimics Innovation Suite of software and 3D Printing, personalized healthcare is being revolutionized, enabling researchers and clinicians to push the envelope of innovation by offering new ways of assisting in diagnosing and treating patients. Learn more about how the incorporation of this exciting technology in your hospital will keep you on the cutting edge of patient-specific healthcare.

Global Materialise-Sawbones Partnership

With Materialise's Anatomical Data Mining service you can incorporate anatomical evidence into your product development workflow with validated, population-based average models derived from CT data. These 3D reconstructions can then be used by medical workshop model manufacturer Sawbones to create composite testing and workshop bones that match your desired patient demoghraphics. By using your population average bones, you can test your devices on a realistic, composite bone geometry representative of your patient population.

Engineering on Anatomy

At Materialise, with our Mimics Innovation Suite, we're powering new innovations in biomedical research and helping others make discoveries that save lives. We're also taking patient-specific healthcare to new heights by working closely with experts in the planning and execution of complicated surgical procedures. Our solutions are comprehensive and flexible, and we invite you to explore our site and discover how they can work for you.


How 3D Printing is Transforming Patient Care in Hospitals

Discover how Frank Rybicki, MD, PhD, Director, Applied Imaging Science Laboratory, is bringing 3D Printing to Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Rybicki will provide insight to the current clinical applications of 3D Printing and share his vision for the future direction of 3D Printing in hospitals. Also, hear how 3D Printing is playing a vital role in face transplants!

Meet the Winners of the 2014 Mimics Innovation Awards

Many interesting research projects never progress beyond the planning stage due to lack of funding. That's why Materialise rewards the most innovative research that’s being conducted with the help of the Mimics Innovation Suite. Take a look at the winners of the 2014 Mimics Innovation Awards!

X-ray in Mimics
Increase Clinical Relevance with the X-ray Module

In the new Mimics Innovation Suite release, you can for the first time combine X-Ray images with 3D models, drastically increasing the available clinical data for all sorts of engineering purposes, without increasing the scan cost or exposing patients to unnecessary radiation. Watch our X-ray webinar to learn how HSS and Zimmer use the new X-ray Module to increase clinical relevance.