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FDA Cleared Titanium Implant
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Saving Time in Your Medical Image Segmentation Process with Mimics 19

When segmenting medical image data, have you ever struggled with separating two bones from each other? Well, you’re not the only one!

Designing a Patient-Specific 3D-Printed Cast with the Lightweight Structures Module

A talented team of engineers at Michigan Technological University has developed a method for creating a patient-specific 3D-printed cast to treat bone fractures of the forearm and wrist. The project leverages Materialise’s Lightweight Structures Module which was used to create the high porosity lattice structure of the casts. 

Towards a widespread clearance of 3D-printed medical devices worldwide

“Materialise software has aided us with the image processing, design and validation of the patient-specific implant“, said Felipe Marques, CEO of Brazil BioArchitects. The FDA clearance is not easy to obtain and an important factor in speeding up the procedure was the use of 510(k) cleared software in the implant design process.

Anatomy Education at its Best: Printing and Painting Replicas of Donor Hearts

What do donor hearts and 3D Printing have in common? The answer to this is the University of Minnesota’s Visible Heart® Lab. Not content with simply teaching their students with 2D images, the team at the lab has moved their academic approach to a whole new level: 3D models of real human hearts.

Engineering on Anatomy

The Mimics Innovation Suite empowers new innovations in biomedical research and helps others make discoveries that save lives. Take patient-specific healthcare to new heights by working closely with experts in the planning and execution of complicated surgical procedures.

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Software and Services for Biomedical Engineering

Improve Standard Implants with Population Driven Design

One size fits nobody. Find out how 3D Population-Driven Design can produce better medical devices, by improving the design process of standard implants for patients of all shapes and sizes!

Discover what’s new in the Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite 19
We're excited to announce that the new Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite has been released. It will allow you to segment faster and with more ease than ever before. You will also be able to simplify your FEA mesh preparation workflow with robust algorithms to create uniform meshes and non-manifold assemblies, an improved link to your FE solver and a simplified user interface. Or add measurements to your 3D PDF, save files faster, and much more!
Webinar: high quality FEA mesh
Webinar: How to maintain accurate bone geometries in your FEA meshes

Due to the bone’s complex geometry, it is difficult to maintain geometrical accuracy while converting the micro-CT scan into a high-quality FEA mesh.

That's why Dr. William Parr collaborated with Materialise’s R&D team to find easier ways of creating complex trabecular bone FEA meshes. During an engaging webinar provided an insight into his workflow and the results of his research.