3D-Printed Jaw Implants
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Modeling
Facial Reconstruction
Intelligent Catheters
South Africa‘s First 3D-Printed Jaw Implants

In South Africa’s Kimberley Hospital Complex, doctors have successfully performed the country’s first 3D-printed jaw bone implantation. Two patients suffering from facial disfigurations because of a cancer received titanium jaw implants. Such complex cases often lead to very difficult, costly and long surgeries. To tackle this issue, the team opted for an innovative approach by using Materialise’s software.

3D Aneurysm Modeling with the Mimics Innovation Suite

An interesting application of 3D Printing software is the modeling of diseases, such as aortic aneurysms, life-threatening dilations of the aorta. As their development is affected by a wide range of environmental and genetic factors, aortic aneurysms are difficult to study clinically and experimentally.

Facial Reconstruction with the Mimics Innovation Suite

One of the worst ways to spend a vacation is in an emergency room. Especially after surviving a 35-foot fall, breaking all four limbs and, worst of all, shattering your face. This is exactly what happened to 27-year old Jon Fenton when he was vacationing in Barcelona and fell face first off of his four-story high hotel balcony.

EU Funded CASCADE Project Develops ‘Intelligent’ Catheters

With a catheter that tracks and senses the middle of the channel, avoids artery walls and notifies the clinician of danger; many complications may be avoided. Developing this type of ‘intelligent’ catheter is the goal of the CASCADE Project. Given the advanced and experimental nature of the project, having a realistic testing environment is key for the succes of the project.In order to create a realistic testing environment, Materialise used its Mimics Innovation Suite of software to create a patient-specific benchtop model.

Welcome to Materialise

At Materialise, with our Mimics Innovation Suite, we're powering new innovations in biomedical research and helping others make discoveries that save lives. We're also taking patient-specific healthcare to new heights by working closely with experts in the planning and execution of complicated surgical procedures. Our solutions are comprehensive and flexible, and we invite you to explore our site and discover how they can work for you.


Mimics Innovation Conference 2014 in Belgium

On October 20-21, Materialise will host a Mimics Innovation Conference at our headquarters in Leuven, Belgium. This two-day event features high-level presentations and trainings on a variety of topics, including 3D Printing for hospitals and innovative uses of the Mimics Innovation Suite for cardiovascular, orthopaedic, CMF and pulmonary applications and more! You are also welcome to submit your abstract until August 1st.

X-ray in Mimics
Increase Clinical Relevance with the new X-ray Module

In the new Mimics Innovation Suite release, you can for the first time combine X-Ray images with 3D models, drastically increasing the available clinical data for all sorts of engineering purposes, without increasing the scan cost or exposing patients to unnecessary radiation. Watch our X-ray webinar to learn how HSS and Zimmer use the new X-ray Module to increase clinical relevance.

Mimics Innovation Courses in Leipzig and London

Materialise invites you to join one of our upcoming two-day Mimics Innovation Courses. Next to hands-on training sessions and demos, we will provide you with interesting lectures, giving you in-depth information and updates of the latest trends and technologies in orthopaedic, craniomaxillofacial, cardiovascular and pulmonary R&D. Get in touch with our engineering experts for possible collaborations in the future!